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How to choose the best Metal Detector

People interested in getting started in metal detecting often ask “What is the best detector for me?” It’s a sensible question and in today’s market, with its technical jargon and dazzling array of detectors, each with their own set of technical features and across a massive price range, it can be confusing trying to settle on a starter detector.

So, let’s simplify things a little. Really it just boils down to three things, how much do you want to spend, what type of detecting so you want to do and how much experience do you have? I will create a few scenarios here to help.


Scenario 1. “I haven’t really started detecting yet, but I would like to try it and mostly want to detect areas near where I live to find old coins and artifacts. I don’t want a toy, but I do want something easy to use. Also, I don’t want to spend too much until I’ve tried the hobby and decided whether it’s for me or not. And, finally, I don’t want to spend hours digging up rubbish like old nails, so I would like a detector that has the technology to help me filter some metals out.”

OK - great. Here we are looking at an easy on the budget detector, but one that is capable, reliable, easy to use and that has good discrimination (meaning that the detector can reject some items, such as iron). You can’t go past the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for simplicity to use, but capability and reliability. The Tracker IV can detect most metals (including natural gold nuggets) down to 20cm or more (depending on the size of the object) which is more than adequate for most relic hunting. It has a simple to operate analog sensitivity and discrimination system. If you look after it, it will serve you well for many years and if you are looking to upgrade in the future, you will find that your Tracker IV, being the world’s most popular detector, easy to sell second hand. If you prefer the same detecting capability but want a little more sophistication via digital controls, the Legacy 3500 and Discovery 1100 might also appeal. They have similar capabilities to the Tracker IV, but are controlled via a digital interface instead of analog controls.


Scenario 2. “I want a kids detector that will really find stuff, but that is light, easy to use and appealing for young children.”

We have just the thing. Either the Bounty Hunter Junior or Bounty Hunter Junior with Visual ID. These are fully functioning detectors that have the ability to discriminate (eliminate) junk like iron targets so that you kids find the interesting stuff, but they are also easy to use, tough and lightweight, so are ideally suited for kids.

Scenario 3. “I already have a basic detector and have done a lot of relic detecting, but now I want to upgrade to something more advanced. I want better sensitivity and depth and more sophisticated discrimination control, including notch filtering. I also want to look for gold nuggets in mineralized ground, so I need a detector with advanced ground balancing.”

OK - you know about detecting already, so we can use some jargon here. The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector, features high sensitivity, ‘Ground Grab’ ground balancing technology, 3 discrimination tones and Advanced Notch Discrimination, giving all-round performance in both mineralized and trashy ground. Whether you’re after relics or gold or both, this is a great value machine for its capability.

Scenario 4. “I want to find gold nuggets, so I need a detector with high sensitivity and depth capability and also with advanced ground balancing that will cope with in the highly mineralised ground associated with the Victorian and Western Australian goldfields. But I don’t want to spend a fortune either.”

Hobby Detectors has some of the world’s bestselling gold detectors at affordable prices. With the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro featuring high sensitivity and ‘Ground Grab’ ground balancing technology , you can hold your own on the goldfields without breaking the bank. It’s actually an all-rounder with 4 discrimination tones and Advanced Notch Discrimination, so it will perform well in trashy ground and well as the mineralized ground of the goldfields.

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